Through my passion for learning about health and personal development, I discovered the powerful effects of spiritual healing and neuro-linguistic programming. I founded My Robbie, focused on healing oneself through fitness, nutrition, spiritual coaching, holistic therapies, and day hikes.


I suffered from anxiety and trauma in the past and went out on my own personal journey to learn how to heal from it, too. 

In learning about neuro-linguistic programming to heal myself, I became interested in it’s powers and wanted to understand it even further in order to help other people heal, too. So I became a Master Practitioner in this type of technique nearly 15 years ago and founded My Robbie. 

Since founding My Robbie, I’ve been able to help people from all walks of life heal their open wounds, find clarity and a new way forward in their life whether it was through different career choices, finding closure from someone who’s passed on or simply, knowing that the path they’re on, is the right one.

My Story

I rewrote my story. 

The story I kept telling myself where I felt like the victim. The same story that weighed me down for so many years. I decided to rewrite it.

As I explored nature and exercise as forms of healing, it wasn’t until I took a trip to South America and explored the Amazon where I learned about herbal health remedies, religion, and the shamanic side of healing from Native Shamans. I was able to reclaim my passion for life. This personal healing sparked my interest in becoming a spiritual healer and Master NLP Practitioner. Using these tools to help others tap into their intuition, heal, and move forward, too. 

I founded My Robbie to help others reconnect with themselves and learn how to restore their bodies and mind. Since its inception nearly 15 years ago, My Robbie’s services have grown to help people from all walks of life through Spiritual Mentoring, Holistic Therapies and Soulful Nature Walks.

The Process

  1. Book your service through my booking platform.
  2. Come with an open mind.
  3. Leave feeling lighter and with the clarity you need to heal and move forward.